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Water Features

A water feature is a beautiful addition to any garden - the gentle sound of water and the visual effect of moving water are both calming and mesmerising. Water features have become increasingly popular in the last few years, and now there is a feature to suit every garden - from the meandering waterfalls which flow into ponds, to self-contained pieces for the patio. Water features can be minimalist and modern or traditional - simply choose the look that complements your garden best.

This year we have greatly extended our range of water features, and we are pleased to offer a variety of different pieces, of varying sizes from prices from £92.49 up to £899.99!

Tall Equinox £899.99

Column Well £299.99

Low Equinox £299.99

Como Springs £169.99

Hurricane Eye £459.99

Garda Falls £369.99

Birds of a Feather £299.99

Cretan Water Feature £274.99

Column Well

Tall Equinox

Low Equinox