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Potted plants are a vital element to a successful garden, bringing vibrance to patios and softening porchways and entrances.

Your choice of pot will make a big difference to the overall appearance of your garden or the exterior of your home, so it's important to choose something you like, and to consider which plants work well with your choice of pot. In these photos we aim to show you different looks you can achieve with a small selection of our extensive range of pots, including smart and contemporary, classic and traditional.

To finish the look perfectly, consider accessorising with beautiful paving, ornamental steeping stones or complementing cobbles.

At Chigwell Nursery all our outdoor pots are frost-resistant, as are our plastic planters and lighter-weight fibreclay pots, ensuring your garden will look great all year round.

Products used (left to right, from top)

Picture 1: Blue glazed cylinder pots from Woodlodge Heritage Range (largest to smallest): £29.99, £19.99, £12.99, £8.99. Cordyline: £39.99, Pieris: £35.00, Lavender: £8.99, Convolvulus Cneorum: £6.99. Turkish Selection Cobbles, £6.99 each.

Picture 2: Woodlodge Black Fibreclay Range: Large planter £34.99, Trough £24.99. Twisted stem Bay: £75.00, Buxus (4 used in trough): £3.99 each.

Picture 3: Modern Cretan Range: Tall Pot £153.99, Tapered Pot £87.99, Bowl £48.99. Artificial Buxus Ball from Cadix: £29.99. Rosemary (6 used in Bowl): £2.99 each. Turkish Cobbles £6.99 each.

Picture 4: Cadix Stone Range: Large pot £27.99 each or 2 for £40.00, Small pot £9.99 each of 2 for £16.00, Sculpture £59.99. Prunus Kojou-no-mai: £24.99, Dwarf Rhododendron Gristede: £12.99. Turkish Cobbles £6.99 each.

Picture 5: Classic Cretan Pots: Jug £59.99, Urn £15.99, Bowl £15.99. Prunus as above, Purple Pittosporum £27.50. Rope Coil Stepping Stone £8.99.

Picture 6: As above, Penny Farthing Stepping Stone £8.99.

Picture 7: Glazed White RHS Pot Range from Apta: 42cm White Cone £39.99, 37cm Cylinder £32.99, 34cm Bowl £16.99. Cordyline and Dwarf Rhododendron as above, Pittosporum Cone £42.99.

Picture 8: Cadix Brown Ribbed Planters (largest to smallest): £49.99, £34.99, £19.99. Piries £35.00, White Pieris £19.99, Sage £8.99. Turkish Cobbles £6.99 each.

Picture 9: Elho Loft Urban Coloured Plastic Pots, £19.99 each. Artificial Buxus Balls from Cadix, £29.99. Turkish Cobbles £6.99 each.

Picture 10: Classic terracotta from Yorkshire Pots (largest to smallest): £29.99, £24.99, £24.99, £19.99 - Buy One, Get One Free across entire range (cheapest pot free). Cordyline, Pieris as above, Skimmia £22.99.

Picture 11: Products as above

Picture 12: Picture as above

Picture 13: Cadix White Ribbed Planters: Square £29.99, Trough £32.99. Ceanothus £22.99, Rosemary (4 used in trough) £2.99 each.

All prices correct April 2016, products subject to availability.