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Ornamental Trees

Ornamental trees are hugely important in every garden, adding vital height and structure. At Chigwell Nursery we stock a large range of ornamental trees, with something to suit every garden from the vary small to the very large.

The majority of ornamental trees arrive at the Nursery in March, ready to show off their particular point of interest, whether that be Spring blossom, attractive foliage or, later in the year, Autumn colour. Within this range you will find the beautiful Betula (Silver Birch), Prunus (flowering cherries), Malus (crab apples), the wonderfully named Liquidamber, with its stunning Autumn colour, as well as many more.

If you would like an evergreen tree (that is not a conifer), we stock the very slow-growing, graceful Quercus Ilex (evergreen oak), which can be seen growing in the large troughs in our car park, and Eucalyptus, whichis fast-growing with pretty silvery-blue foliage.

Betula jaquemontii

Betula youngii

Prunus Kanzan


Prunus Autumnalis

Robinia frisia

Robinia casque rouge


Malus Golden Hornet

Malus John Downie

Sorbus aucuparia

Quercus Ilex