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Bamboo, Grasses & Ferns

Bamboo look great in all planting schemes, and are useful for screening, as their delicate foliage and interesting stems brilliantly soften ugly walls and fences.

Grasses can be various shades of green, blue or silver, and are exceptionally useful when padding out flowerbeds, bringing different shrubs together. They also look stunning as individual specimens in patio pots.

Many varieties of ferns are native to Britain, growing in woodlands and hedgerows, and so its easy to see how versatile they are, growing with no maintenance in all climates and all aspects from the deepest shade to the brightest sunlight.

These groups of plants are all great examples of plants which do not flower, but are essential in the garden for their wonderful foliage and texture, and the inclusion of foliage plants really can transform an average flowerbed into a stunning one!

Photinia Red Robin

Dicksonia antartica

Athyrium felix-femina

Lady In Red

Athyrium nipponicum

Red Beauty

Athyrium nipponicum

var. pictum

Festuca Intense Blue


Bamboo Stems

(leaves removed)

Black Bamboo Stems

(leaves removed)

Grass Section

Onoclea sensibilis

Matteuccia struthiopteris

Cyrtomium fortunei