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The Damp Garden

Damp sites can offer wonderful possibilities in perennials, shrubs and trees. These moisture lovers are full, lush and leafy, growing at an incredible rate. Use bark or shingle in between your plants for  a practical and pleasing effect. For a small tree or shrub try Amelanchier with its beautiful sprays of white flowers, coppery foliage and vivid autumn colour. The bright yellow leaves of Physocarpus Darts Gold and the dark purple leaf of Diablo give stunning foliage effects. The willows (salix) and the Spiraeas happily tolerate damp conditions as does the "snowball bush", Viburnum Opulus. Cornus Alba with its white variegated leaves, the Gunnera, Ligularia, Astilbe and Rheums with their lush, architectural foliage. Underplant with Alchemilla Mollis or ferns for fresh looking ground cover.

Please ask for a leaflet for more suggestion for plants suitable for the damp garden.

Plants available in each garden will vary depending on availability and time of year.

Cornus (Autumn)

Cornus (Winter)


palmatum Red Herald

Spiraea Golden Princess

Phsyocarpus Diablo

Dryopteris filix-mas Crispa

Dicksonia antarctica

Viburnum opulus Roseum

Polystichum polyblepharum

Dropteris erythosora


Alchemilla Mollis