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Seasonal Gardens

Throughout the year we will have a display garden featuring plants of interest at that moment in time. Obviously the plants used will vary from season to season, month to month, sometimes even day to day depending stock and availability. Weather trends also have a large influence, with long, cold Winters setting everything back a few weeks compared to normal growth and flowering times, and, in contrast, early Spring warmth brings everything forward.

It's therefore not really possible to draw up at definitive list of what will be available in this garden at all times, but to simply matters we've divided this section of the website into seasons, giving you a broad idea of plants of interest in each season. Pick some from each and you will have a garden that looks great all year round! Click on the links below to see seasonal plants:

Spring          Summer         Autumn          Winter

Primula veris (Native Cowslips) in The Spring Garden

Roses ('Princess Anne) in

The Summer Garden

Leucothoe lovita in

The Autumn Garden

Hellebore in

The Winter Garden

Daffodils in

The Spring Garden

Dahlia 'Bishop of Llandaff'

in The Summer Garden

Rhododendron 'Christmas Cheer' in The Winter Garden

Agapanthus in

The Summer Garden


in The Autumn Garden

Cornus alba Siberica in

The Winter Garden

Rhus in

The Autumn Garden

Aubretia in

The Spring Garden