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The Wildlife Garden

Through our close relationship with The British Trust for Ornithology, who have hosted a number of successful talks here at the Nursery, we have learnt how important it is to feed our wild native birds all year long, and it’s clear that to us that many of you feel the same, gardening with consideration not only for birds, but other important wildlife such as bees and butterflies as well. Consequently we have a themed garden helping you to do just that! In this garden you will find feeders,  nesting boxes, bird baths  and tables, mobiles and sculptures. Plants are changed throughout the year to reflect their seasonal nutritional value, such as Cotoneaster, Nandina, Vibernum and Pyracantha, which have nutritious berries, and ‘bee-friendly’ plants rich in pollen and nectar for  bees and butterflies. Find out more about bee-friendly planting here.

Please note plants and products available  will vary from those shown depending on availability and time of year.